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In 1972, the six songs in contention to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest were performed by The New Seekers during It's Cliff Richard on BBC One for six consecutive weeks commencing on 1st January 1972, with all six songs being featured in a special A Song for Europe edition of It's Cliff Richard on Saturday 12th February 1972.
Transmission Date:Saturday 12th February 1972
(Recorded on Friday 11th February 1972)
Channel:BBC One


Cliff Richard
Performers:The New Seekers
(Peter Doyle, Eve Graham, Marty Kristian, Paul Layton & Lyn Paul)
Musical Director:David Mackay


Michael Hurll
Sound:Larry Goodson


Public postal vote
(Closing Date 17th February 1972)


It's Cliff Richard
Saturday 19th February 1972

Winning Song:

Beg Steal Or Borrow
The New Seekers

  • The winning song as featured in A Song For Europe was used in the preview programmes for the Eurovision Song Contest 1972, and exists in the archives of those countries which have retained a copy.


  • The scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop and laptop devices

1Out On The Edge Of BeyondJohn Bendall & Mike Sammes14,6453
2Sing OutRonnie Dunlop7,4125
3Why Can't We All Get TogetherRay Davies11,3374
4One By OneMike Leander (aka Michael Farr) & Eddie Seago27,3142
5Songs Of PraiseRoy Wood3,8426
5Beg Steal Or BorrowTony Cole, Graeme Hall & Steve Wolfe62,5841
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Two - The 1970s by Gordon Roxburgh

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  • Beg Steal Or Borrow reached No. 2 in the UK charts.
  • The New Seekers recorded the song in German as Oh, Ich Will Betteln, Ich Will Stehlen.

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The New Seekers at The Eurovision Song Contest 1972


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1972

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1972 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom on Saturday 25th March 1972, Beg Steal Or Borrow finished in 2nd place with 114 points. The song was conducted by David Mackay.

Tom Flrming provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Pete Murray provided the commentary for both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.

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