The Early Years 1958 & 1959

1958: The United Kingdom did not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 1958, and there was no national competition.

PetemurrayEurovision Song Contest 1959 - British Final

In 1959 there was a new name for the selection of the United Kingdom entry, Eurovision Song Contest - British Finals. It comprised two heats, each with six songs, with the top six highest scoring songs going forward to the final. 

Voting: Seven regional juries: (South of England, Midlands, Northern, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & West of England) with 14 persons in each jury.

Presenter: Pete Murray (Pictured)

Eric Robinson Orchestra

Musical Associate: Alan Bristow

Produced by Harry Carlisle 

Heat Onegb59 Monday 2nd February, 1959 at 18:20:13'

Love Me, Love Me Sung by Sheila Buxton. Composed by Norman Percival

One Lonely Heart
Sung by Steve Martin. Composed by Peter Callander & Dick James (aka Isaac Vapnick)

Sing Little Birdie Sung by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson. Composed by Stan Butcher & Syd Cordell

How Could I Know Sung by Don Rennie, Composed by Tommy Sampson & Barbara Nelson

Sung by Glen Mason, Composed by Michael Pratt

I'll Be With You Sung by Marion Keene * Composed by Lee Lennox

* Originally to be sung by Alma Cogan 



Heat Two Thursday 5th February, 1959 at 18:20:00'

That's It, That's Love Sung by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson. Composed by Sam Johnson

Sung by John Hanson Composed by Ralph Ruvin, Harold Irving & Dick James (aka Isaac Vapnick)

Cha Cha Chocola
Sung by Rosemary Squires. Composed by Max Francis & Bill Craig

This I Will Tell My Son Sung by Lester Ferguson. Composed by Terry & Irene Roper

Oh, Oh, Reckon I Must Be I Love Sung by Valerie Shane. Composed by Michael Pratt

This Is My Town Sung by Lita Roza Composed by John S Rossiter (Harold Cornelius, Dominic John & Bob Halfin) 

FINAL - Saturday 7th February, 1959 at 19:32:32'

1st Sing Little Birdie Sung by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson. 

2nd This Is My Town Sung by Lita Roza. 

3rd Suddenly Sung by Glen Mason. 

4th One Lonely Heart Sung by Steve Martin. 

      Success Sung by John Hanson. 

      Oh, Oh, Reckon I Must Be In Love Sung by Valerie Shane. 

 At the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 1959 in Cannes, France on 11th March, Sing Little Birdie finished  in second place with 16 points. The conductor was Eric Robinson. The song reached number 12 in the UK charts.

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